The Top 5 Online Customer Behavior You Should Know About

The Top 5 Online Customer Behavior You Should Know About

We live in a digital world. Any business which is not online yet is probably digging its own grave. A serious business that plans to stay in the game for a long time must have a digital presence of some kind.

In Tanzania, recent data shows over 26 million people are using the internet which is about 46 percent of the country’s population. This is a very big number to ignore. If you are a business, you have no other option than to go digital. 

Launching your business online, however, takes more than launching your websites, apps, or opening social media accounts, it involves having a deep understanding of your target audience. 

In this article, we are taking you into the mind of your consumers. Understanding the psychology of your customers will help you align your online strategies to best suit their needs.

But first, let’s explain what Online Costumer Behavior means:

Online customer behavior is a type of behavior that is exhibited by customers while browsing websites or mobile apps in order to search, select and purchase goods and services, or interact with online content in order to fulfill their needs and wants.

Online customer behavior is sometimes referred to as online buying behavior or online shopping behavior. 

The easiest way to understand Online consumer behavior is to think of your own behavior when you are interacting with websites or apps. What makes you like or dislike a website? What makes you open certain emails and ignore others? Why do you watch some videos up to the end and can’t finish watching others? 

Think like a customer and ask yourself: What would YOU personally engage with? 

Our team has been online long enough to be able to understand and analyze online customer behaviors that can affect your business performance. Here are the top 5 we think you must pay attention to. 

Your customers are in a hurry

Whatever it is that you want to tell them, tell them fast before they leave. The modern world has expanded our range of choices. As a result, we have developed an increasingly short attention span, especially when what we are looking for is delayed or boring. Don’t waste your customer’s time with too many unnecessary words. A slow loading website is even worse. Time is of the essence! Whether it is a web page content or a social media caption, make it short and direct. If it is a video, make sure it is very short and interesting. Ensure easy navigation within your app or your website.

They are multitaskers and distracted

Our gadgets have made everyone a multitasking pro and distracted at the same time. Your customers arriving at your online store are constantly being bombarded with emails, texts from messaging apps and other subscriptions. You need to have strong attention grabbers. Things like Offers, download resources,  a chat icon at the bottom side of your website. These are guaranteed to capture the attention of your visitors. 

They respond to CTAs

A strong and clear call-to-action can get someone to engage on your website even when they were in a hurry. Don’t make your website looks like a static brochure filled with About Us and What We Do information, be sure to include a clear call to action. The most common CTAs include; Buy Now, Click Here, Subscribe to our newsletter, Get Started, Get Offer, and more. The CTAs will make visitors engage with your online store for a bit longer and perhaps leave their contacts for you to send them follow-ups later.

They are self-centered

Let us be honest, we are all selfish in nature. Your customers are looking for what fulfills their needs and wants. Your product or service descriptions should talk to your customer’s experience. Don’t make it all about yourself and how great your service is (we all hate to be sold at). Instead, make it all about your customers by answering their questions about that particular product or service. use  You and Your more often than you use We and Our. Avoid direct self-promotion.

They are less forgiving

It takes time to grow a company’s reputation, but with the rise of online conversations, it only takes a minute for a company’s reputation to suffer. Your customers are smart and empowered with freedom of speech on social media. The last thing you want is being crucified by social media users for lying to them. Be authentic, don’t lie. People are less forgiving online than in real life. Read our Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing for Your Business [15 Tips]

How can you measure online consumer behavior? 

With tools like Google Analytics, you don’t need to wait for people to inform you about what is working or what isn’t on our online store, on your app or on your social media channels. Google Analytics will tell you exactly what people do when they visit your website, what time do they take, which pages they view and to what CTAs they respond to. 

a screenshot of statistics
Google Analytics page showing an overview of website visitors’ behavior.

One of the key metrics to watch on Google analytics includes Bounce Rate, Pageview, Average Session Duration and a number of sessions. Also on YouTube, you can look at whether people are watching your video to the end or not. This information will help you make data-informed decisions to align your online marketing efforts with your consumers’ needs. 

People are spending much time searching for services and products related to your business. If they are not spending time on your website, they are spending on another one’s site which offers what they need. It is time to optimize your site and tailor content that resonates with your target audience. 

Digital Marketing ni nini? Haya hapa mambo muhimu ya kufahamu

Digital Marketing ni nini? Haya hapa mambo muhimu ya kufahamu

Teknolojia imeleta mambo mengi. Mojawapo ni kuibuka kwa kazi ambazo hazikuwepo kabla. Vilevile imeweza kubadili namna ya utendaji kazi wa kazi nyingi tulizozizoea na kuzifanya ziwe tofauti kabisa. Teknolojia imeathiri kila kitu. 

Moja kati ya taaluma mpya zilizoweza kuibuka kutokana na maendeleo ya sayansi na teknolojia ni taaluma ya kutafuta masoko na kuuza bidhaa au huduma kwa njia ya kidigitali (Digital Marketing). Taaluma hii kwa hapa nchini Tanzania bado ni ngeni na wengi hawaifahamu. Hata vyuo vyetu bado havijaanza kufundisha somo hili ipasavyo. Lakini sio jambo la kushangaa kwani ni jambo la kawaida kwa vyuo vyetu kuachwa nyuma na kasi ya mabadiliko ya teknolojia.

Digital Marketing ni nini? 

Mara nyingi ninapojitambulisha kwamba ninafanya digital marketing, wengi huniuliza maana ya digital marketing. 

Katika makala hii utaweza kufahamu maana ya Digital Marketing pamoja na kufahamu sehemu unayoweza kujifunza elimu hii bure kabisa na kupatiwa cheti kinachotambulika duniani. Kama wewe ni mfanyabiashara unayetamani kuingia kwenye ulimwengu wa kutafuta masoko kidigitali au unataka kujifunza Digital Marketing kama taaluma basi makala hii inakuhusu. Twende sambamba. 

Kwa tafsiri ya kawaida, Digital Marketing inaweza kutafsiriwa kama;

Utafutaji masoko, kuuza pamoja na kutangaza bidhaa au huduma kwa kutumia majukwaa ya kidigitali (online platforms) kama vile mitandao ya kijamii na tovuti. 

– Tanzlite

Angalia maana kutoka kwenye mtandao hapa chini;

The use numerous digital tactics and channels to connect with customers where they spend much of their time online

– HubSpot

The marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium


Digita Marketing kwa majina mengine huitwa Internet Marketing, e-commerce au Online Marketing.

Kwanini digital marketing ni muhimu? 

Sababu zinaeleweka. Siku hizi kila mtu yuko online. Kila mtu yuko kwenye mitandao ya kijamii kama vile Facebook, Twitter, Instagram na mingineyo. Mitandao imejaa watu. Wakiwemo wateja wa bidhaa yako. 

Hii ina maana gani kwa wafanyabiashara? 

Wafanyabiashara na wajasiriamali wanatakiwa kujiongeza. Siku hizi mambo ni digitali, hivyo biashara nazo hazina budi kuendeshwa kidigitali. Hauwezi ukaweka mabango barabarani au kubandika kwenye magari wakati watu wanatumia muda mwingi kutazama kwenye simu janja zao. 

Hata redio na televisheni zimekuwa hazitumiwi sana na watu. Siku hizi ni mwendo wa YouTube na muziki wa kudownload. Kila kitu kiganjani. 

Kama mfanyabiashara unaekwenda na wakati, ni lazima kuingia kwenye ulimwengu wa uuzaji na utafutaji masoko kidigitali. Wateja wako wapo Instagram na Facebook kwanini wewe usiwepo? 

Vipengele vinavyo husisha Digital Marketing

Ukisikia digital marketing, mara nyingi Inahusisha vipengele vifuatavyo;

Kutafuta masoko kupitia mitandao ya kijamii (Social Media Marketing) 

Hili ndio swala ambalo watu wengi humaanisha wakiongelea Digital Marketing. Makampuni mengi yamefungua akaunti za mitandao ya kijamii kwa lengo la kujiweka karibu na wateja wao pamoja na kupata wateja wapya, kujenga mahusiano mazuri na wateja wao pamoja na kuzungumza nao wanapokuwa na maswali. 

Kupitia mitandao ya kijamii, kampuni hutengeneza maudhui kwa mfumo wa picha, video au maandishi ili kuwafahamisha wateja kuhusu huduma za kampuni, kutoa ofa na promosheni mbalimbali kwa wafuatiliaji wake (followers) Fahamu zaidi kuhusu kazi ya social media na majukumu yake hapa. 

Uuzaji kupitia barua pepe (Email marketing) 

Umeshawahi kuambiwa Subscribe to our newsletter? Basi hicho ndio kitu tunaongelea hapa kwa haraka haraka. Barua pepe ni mtandao mkongwe ambao umekuwepo kwa miaka mingi sasa. Wafanyabishara huomba kukusanya barua pepe za watembeleaji wa tovuti zao ili baadaye waweze kuwashirikisha juu ya fursa na ofa mbalimbali za kampuni husika. 

Kwa kuwa watu wengi wanatumia simu za mkononi, barua pepe hazina budi kuandaliwa katika muonekano unaofaa kwenye simu (mobile friendly). Bila kufanya hivyo ni bora usitumie njiaa hii kwani email zako hazitasomwa na utawafanya wateja kujiondoa (unsubscribe) kwenye orodha ya mawasiliano yako. 

Kujitangaza kupitia Tovuti (Website) 

Tovuti ndio njia kuu ya kupeleka biashara yako online. Kama ulivyofungua duka la nguo pale Kariakoo, basi unaweza ukalihamisha duka hilo hilo ukalipeleka mtandaoni na wateja wanaweza kukutembelea, kuchagua nguo na kufanya manunuzi bila kufika dukani kwako Kariakoo. Maajabu sio? Fikiria tovuti kubwa kama vile alibaba au eBay. Au hata tovuti za ahapa nyumbani kama vile Kupatana. Jaribu kuwa na tovuti yako ujionee faida zake. Hakikisha website yako ni nyepesi kufunguka, na inapendeza kwenye simu za mkononi. 

Matokeo ya haraka (Search Engine Optimization) 

Kuweka biashara yako mtandaoni si swala la kufungua tovuti tu. Bali tovuti yenye ubora unaotambuliwa na injini za utafutaji (Search Engines). Hii inajumuisha mambo kama maudhui (content) unayoweka kwenye tovuti na ubora uliotumika kujenga tovuti yako (programming). Tovuti iliyojengwa vibaya haiwezi kuoneshwa kwenye matokeo ya utafutaji (Search Results) hivyo kukufanya usiweze kujulikana na kupelekea kukosa wateja.

Fanya utafiti mdogo kuangalia kama tovuti yako inatambuliwa (indexed) na injini ya utafutaji ya Google kwa kuingiza maneno yafuatayo kwenye sanduku la kutafutia (Search bar)  site:yourdomain

Mfano; site:tanzlite.com

Hakikisha matokeo yatakapoletwa na Google yanaonyesha kurasa (pages) zote zilizopo kwenye tovuti yako. Usipoona kitu ujue una kazi ya kufanya. 

Matangazo mguso (Paid Per Click Ads) 

Yanaitwa matangazo mguso kwa sababu malipo hufanyika mara tu mtu anapo bofya tangazo lako. Hii ni aina ya kutangaza bidhaa au huduma kwa kununua maneno maalum (keywords) yanayohusu bidhaa yako ambapo mtu akitafuta kwa kutumia maneno hayo, biashara yako inaweza kuoneka juu kwenye matokeo ya utafutaji (search results) 

Graphic design

Ukiingia WhatsApp au kwenye mitandao mingine ya kijamii, utakutana na picha zilizonakshiwa kwa maneno na rangi nzuri. Hii kitaalamu Graphic design (sijui kwa Kiswahili tunaitaje). Basi kila mwenye brand au mwenye event yake anataka kuporomote kwa nakshi zenye kuvutia macho ya watu na kuwashawishi kuisambaza (share) kwa wenzao. 

Kutangaza biashara kwa njia ya video (video marketing) 

Ukiondoa Google, ni search engine gani nyingine ya pili kwa ukubwa? Je ni Bing? Au Yahoo? Jibu ni YouTube. Watu wanaangalia video kwa wingi sana siku hizi . Kwa mfanyabiashara mjanja hii ni fursa kubwa. Unaweza kutumia video kuonyesha ujuzi wako katika huduma unayofanya au kuwaonyesha watu kuhusu mambo yanayojiri ofisini kwako. Pia kutangaza biashara yako YouTube si lazima uwe na video clip, —nitalifafanua hili kwa undani zaidi katika makala zijazo. 

Kutangaza biashara kupitia watu wenye ushawishi mtandaoni (Influencers) 

Watu maarufu mtandaoni wana nguvu ya kushawishi na kuweza kubadili mtazamo wa watu juu ya jambo fulani. Hivyo makampuni na brand mbalimbali zinatumia watu kama hawa kutangaza biashara zao na kufikia watu wengi. Hapa Tanzania kuna watu kama Idris Sultani ambaye ni balozi wa kampuni ya Uber. 

Kukua kwa influencer marketing kumekuja kwa sababu kuu moja; mitandao ya kijamii ni watu, na watu wanapenda kushiriki (interact) na watu wenzao kuliko kampuni. Hivyo makampuni yanajitahidi kuwa karibu na watu kwa kuwatumia watu maarufu kukuza biashara zao. 

Wapi unaweza kujifunza elimu ya Digital Marketing 

Elimu ya Digital Marketing ni moja kati ya elimu ambayo mtu hauhitaji kuwa na degree ya miaka mitatu chuoni. Lakini faida zake ni kubwa hasa katika kipindi hiki ambacho wahitimu wanatoka vyuo wasijue nini cha kufanya mtaani. Nikushauri leo, anza kujifunza Digital Marketing. Hapa chini nimeorodheasha sehemu tatu ambazo unaweza kusoma online course za digital marketing na mambo mengine mengi.

  1. LinkedIn Learning 
  2. Google Digital Skills for Africa 
  3. HubSpot Academy 
  4. The Future Learning

Ingia mtandaoni leo, chagua kozi na uanze kusoma. Ukikwama mahali au ukihitaji ufafanuzi zaidi, usisite kuwasiliana nasi. Namba zetu zipo kwenye tovuti hii ukurasa wa mawasiliano. Pia tutaendelea kutoa mafunzo kuhusu Digital Marketing kupitia mfululizo wa makala zetu za Kiswahili na Kiingereza. 


Digital Marketing ni habari njema kwa biashara za karne ya 21. Ni njia rahisi ya kujitangaza, kuuza na kujipatia wateja kwa urahisi. Mara nyingi unaweza kufanya bila hata gharama yoyote. Kwa wewe unayehitaji maarifa mapya yasiyo na ushindani mkubwa kwa sasa, jaribu hii fursa. Makala zinazofuata tutaelezea kiundani kuhusu mambo haya ambayo tumeyagusia kwa muhtasari.

Bofya HAPA kutazama huduma zetu au HAPA kuwasiliana nasi kama unataka kufahamu zaidi. Pia unaweza ku-share makala hii kwa mwingine.

Your Online Business Might Not Be Online, Here Is Why

Your Online Business Might Not Be Online, Here Is Why

Every business wants more traffic, more leads and more sales. The whole point of launching our businesses online is to be visible to the bigger audience. We all want to reach those people who might otherwise not know we exist. Thanks to technology. 

When it comes to launching a business online, however, it takes more than just being there. If the only way people can find you online is by you sharing a link directly to them, then you’re not really online. You need to be found organically.

Here are reasons why your online business might not online;

You’re not recognized by search engines 

If your website is not indexed by search engines like Google and Bing, then you’re on the wrong side of the web. People are always searching for a service related to yours but they can’t find you on search results. While it takes time to gain visibility and ranking on search engines you can improve it by having a dedicated ongoing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy.

Other media don’t know you exist 

Have you ever been featured by media like top bloggers and influencers? If no, then you have a long way to go.  Your credibility online depends on how many other websites are linking to you (backlinks). You can use paid media to have a sponsored article about you written by mainstream media.

You don’t know your audience 

If your business is for everyone, then it is for nobody. Without knowing your customers, you will be shooting in the dark. You’ll not know how to optimize your content for a targeted audience and you’ll end up getting followers who will not convert into buying customers. 

Images downloaded somewhere else

Are you using original images or downloaded from another website? If you are using images downloaded from free image stocks, chances are many people are using them. Your business will gain more credibility if you use your own images. 

Also, remember to give your images names that relate to your service. This is because search engines don’t see images the way we see them. They see the code behind them. By giving your images a descriptive name, you help search engines determine what your website is all about. 

Website content is poor 

Without content, you are lost online. Focus on good quality content and you will be rewarded. Create content that is not only about your services and products but content that build trust and establish you as an authority in that industry.  If you copied content from somewhere else and paste it on your website, then you’re only putting yourself behind. 

No conversion goals

Today’s websites are not like static brochures stuffed with About, Mission and Vision statements. Today’s websites are meant to convert people with clear calls to action. You can achieve conversion goals such as getting new subscribers to your newsletter, have people perform actions like filling a form or buying directly from your website. Without these efforts, you are just as good as being offline.

No one is talking about you online 

Being online means joining conversations about your industry and empower your audience to do the marketing for you. This is called earned media and it comprises things like comments, share and blog articles from other people talking about your services. It is important because it builds trust and credibility. It can’t be only you talking about you. Encourage your customers to leave online reviews and comments about your service

Abandoned social media accounts 

This is a bad idea. An abandoned social media channel sends two messages to your followers; that something is stirring up at your company or they wonder if you are still in business anymore. Instead of opening many accounts, you can stick to a few that you’ll be active. Or you can save yourself the embarrassment of abandoning social media channels by hiring a freelancer to take care of your online presence while you handle other things of your business. 

Your website or app takes an eternity to load

How long did it take for you to open this article? Hope it didn’t take too long, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading it right now. People’s attention is short. They have so many interesting things on their gadgets. They are impatient to wait for another second for your site to load unless it’s a job application. Make sure your website doesn’t contain unnecessary things that make it heavy.

You’re not leveraging local SEO

If your business is getting more local customers who speak Swahili and you are using only English, then you’re missing out on potential customers. Those people are searching for a service like yours but they cannot find you because their search terms are in Swahili. You can attract local customers by creating a separate page on your website written in Kiswahili. Or you can add your business on local listing directories like Google My Business.

Not mobile-friendly 

If your website looks another way on desktop and completely another thing on mobile, then you are not really controlling the online experience. Your mobile app or a website needs to be designed with its users in mind. Your target audience uses different devices with different browsers. Make sure the experience is the same and perfect on everyone’s favorite screen. 

You’re not using Facebook Ads

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t like organic results. If you didn’t know, now you know. As people’s feed got crowded, facebook reduced to show company updates. In fact, it rarely exists these days. The only way left for company pages to survive on facebook is to use paid ads. But the good thing is, Facebook ads work perfectly well.

Auto translating tools

In the ages of bots and automation, it is easy to be tempted to use them. But there are limitations. Search engines do not like content generated by the automation tool. They even consider it spam. Make sure your web copy is written by a human because you’re writing for humans. 

Your business might have sold in the past years using traditional marketing strategies, but one thing is for sure, change is inevitable. The internet has changed the game. You can’t do business depending on word of mouth referrals in the world where people barely listen to each other but pay attention to their gadgets.

I wish you success in your business. Spread the information to all entrepreneurs out there.

Jinsi ya kukuza biashara yako kupitia mtandao (Digital Marketing)

Jinsi ya kukuza biashara yako kupitia mtandao (Digital Marketing)

Biashara na matangazo ya karne ya 21 yanategemea sana teknolojia. Tunaishi ulimwengu wa dijitiali hivyo kila kitu hakina budi kufanywa kidijitali.

Unaweza kuwa na biashara yako au kampuni yako inayotoa huduma ama bidhaa imara na uhakika kabisa lakini usipotumia bidii kujitangaza ama kujiweka online, unaweza kuzidiwa na watu ambao huduma zao hazina ubora zaidi yako.

Kujitangaza (au kutafuta masoko) kimtandao ni njia rahisi na isiyo gharama kuwafikia watu wengi zaidi. Ukweli ni kwamba usipofanya matangazo ya biashara yako, yote uyafanyao yataishia kwa watu wachache tu wanaokuzunguka.

Nenda na wakati

Siku hizi mtu akitaka msaada wa jambo fulani wazo la kwanza kumjia ni kushika simu yake na kuperuzi kuhusu akitakacho. Hapo ndipo huweza kukutana na majibu ya swala alitakalo mtandaoni.

Fikiria wewe ndiyo hauko mtandaoni, mtumiaji huyu wa internet atakufahamu vipi? Atafahamu vipi una duka la nguo Kariakoo? Badilika. Nenda na wakati, hamia ulimwengu wa digitali. Wazungu wanaita ‘Digital Marketing’ mbinu ya kutafuta masoko na kujitangaza kupitia majukwaa ya kimtandao kama vile tovuti, mitandao ya kijamii, email, whatsapp na kadhalika.

Unaanzia wapi?

Ni rahisi. Ingawa  waweza kutumia pesa panapohitajika, kujitangaza mitandaoni ni bure kabisa. Ni kama vile ulivyo na akaunti facebook bila malipo yoyote. Cha msingi ni wewe kujifunza mbinu za uendeshaji na kuchagua njia ipi inakufaa zaidi

Miliki tovuti yako

Tovuti hasa kwa mashirika, makampuni na biashara kubwa ni kitu cha lazima. Hii huongeza hadhi ya kampuni kwa ujumla. Tofauti kubwa kati ya tovuti ama website na mitandao mingine ya kijamii ni namna ya kuweka maudhui.

Kupitia tovuti, mtu anaweza kupata taarifa kwa kina kuhusu kampuni au bidhaa. Pia kwenye tovuti kunaweza kufanyika shughuli kama manunuzi ya mtandaoni, kuandikisha watu kwa ajili ya program, newsletter na kadhalika.

Unatengenezaje tovuti? Ni rahisi. Kuna watu na makampuni mengi yapo kukusaidia kufungua tovuti yako. Sisi Kampuni ya Tanzlite Digital™ tunatengeneza website za kisasa kwa bei nafuu ili kukusaidie wewe na biashara yako katika ulimwengu wa digitali.

Mitandao ya kijamii

Karibia kila mtu yuko Facebook au Instagram. Maana yake ni kwamba soko liko huko kwa sababu ndiko watu waliko. Cha kufanya ni kupeleka biashara yako huko. Fungua akaunti kwa jina la biashara au kampuni yako na uanze kujitangaza.

Nini cha kupost ukiwa huko? Hapa ndipo wengi hukosea. Makampuni mengi hapa nchini hayafahamu namna ya kutumia mitandao ya kijamii.

Mitandao ya kijamii ni watu, hivyo wewe kama kampuni unatakiwa ufahamu namna ya kuishi na watu. Fahamu namna ya kushirikiana na watu. Isiwe kila siku unapost kuhusu wewe na bidhaa zako tu. Utawachosha watu. Kuwa mbunifu.

Unaweza ukawa unapost picha za bidhaa zako, picha za wateja wenye nyuso za kuridhika na huduma yako. Kama utakuwa mtundu zaidi waweza tengeneza vipande vifupi vya video. Kumbuka pia hautakiwi kupost mara kwa mara ikawa too much.

Jambo la msingi kuzingatia ni kwamba mitandao ya kijamii ni majukwaa tofauti tofauti yenye maudhui na makundi ya watu tofauti. Ni muhimu kulifahamu hili ili aweze kutambua kipi cha kufanya ukiwa kwenye haya majukwaa.

WhatsApp pia ni fursa kubwa

Kwa kaiwaida WhatsApp hujumuishwa kwenye kundi la mitandao ya kijamii. Lakini kiuchambuzi zaidi, WhatsApp pamoja na majukwaa mengine kama Telegram na Messenger yanaitwa private messaging platforms. WhatsApp imekuwa kimbilio la wajasiriamali wengi wa kitanzania. Kupitia magrupu na status whatsapp, watu wanatangaza bidhaa zao na kupata wanunuzi. Soma zaidi jinsi ya kutumia WhatsApp Business hapa

Weka biashara yako kwenye Google My Business

Kampuni ya Google wana mfumo wa kukuwezesha kuweka biashara yako kwenye ramani ya Google ili watu wa karibu na eneo lako waweze kukuona wakitafuta huduma au bidhaa inayoendana na yako. Pia wanaweza kuacha maoni kama vile kukupa five star rate ili kuongeza visibility yako mtandaoni.

Pia zipo tovuti zingine zinazokuwezesha kuorodhozesha biashara au bidhaa yako kama vile Kupatana, na Zoom Tanzania.

Kuwa mbunifu katika maudhui (Content Marketing)

Karibia kila mtu anaandika maudhui mtandaoni. Iwe ni mstari mmoja kama status za facebook na whatsapp laikini yote ni maudhui. Kinachokuja kutofautisha kati ya maudhui mengi yanayoandikwa kila siku mtandaoni ni aina na stadi za uandaaji maudhui hayo.

Nichukulie mfano wa mchekeshaji maarufu nchini, Idris Sultani, kuna wakati huandika posts kwenye ukurasa wake wa instagram akitangaza makampuni kama Uber. Uandishi wake ni mwepesi na wenye ucheshi, lakini hapo ameweza kutangaza biashara.

Kwa makampuni na taasisi mbalimbali unaweza kuajiri muandaa maudhui na mwongozaji wa akaunti za kijamii za kampuni. Hili ni jambo muhimu sana katika ulimwengu wa mawasiliano ya kidigitali.

Kampuni yetu ina wataalamu wa masuala ya Digital Marketing ambao wanaweza kukurahishia kazi kuandaa yote haya. Kazi yako ni kufanya biashara, sisi tunaimarisha uwepo wako mtandaoni (online visibility)

Amua sasa!

Siku hizi mambo yanaenda kidigitali, hivyo hata biashara yako haina budi kuenda na wakati.

Kama uliwahi kujaribu tovuti au mitandao ya kijamii na haukupata matokeo mazuri basi kuna mahali haukufanya kwa usahihi. Tafuta wataalamu wakusaidie. Unapitwa wateja kwa kushindwa kuwa online. Amua sasa!