Tired of Chasing Customers?

Powering Business Growth with Digital Marketing

A crowd of brands is out there, and people’s attention spans are short. Your business is struggling to attract and convert clients online.Tired of constantly chasing customers with no success and want to play the game of business on easy mode? You are here because you want to win market share and cement your staying power. We have helped many. It’s your turn.



Get Noticed and Stand Out in the Competitive Online Crowd

Everyone has taken their business online. The digital space is now crowded and noisy. It is hard to get noticed. Let alone stand out. At Tanzlite, we have tried many strategies that FAILED and discovered a few that WORKS. Influencers? Ads? Not really.

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The True Reason Why People Are NOT Buying From You

If you are constantly worried about where the next customer will come from, it means your Brand Authority is WEAK and you fail to communicate the actual BENEFIT of your product. Ask yourself:

– What is WRITTEN on your website?
– What do you post on social media?
– Does it make you stand out?

A marketing problem that is not CLEARLY stated will remain UNSOLVED. You need experts, which is to say you need our help.

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Grow your Brand Awareness, Build Authority and Win Customers

People will buy from you for two reasons: 1. You have a strong Brand Authority; 2. You persuasively communicate the actual benefit you provide. So if you struggle to sell and grow, you have two problems: 1. You lack clarity and convincing in your messaging; 2. No one thinks of you as an authority in your niche. That’s a problem. A problem we have solved many times!


What We Can Do for You

We have HELPED Many. Are You Next?

Here’s a list of SOME of the clients we have provided, or still providing service ranging from social media; content creation; web design, hosting, and maintenance; as well as consulting.

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Grow your Business with Tanzlite

You probably found us from search where we rank on the FIRST page of Google for local SEO. We’re also the most followed Tanzanian marketing agency on LinkedIn. Our founder, Mr. Shukuru Amos is Tanzania’s most followed digital marketer on LinkedIn, with an audience of over 33,000 followers. So when we say we will help you to grow and find success online, we have proof.

Fix your marketing problems, win market share, and cement your staying power.