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Fighting Invisibility For SMEs

Taking your business online is as easy as one two three. But to get noticed, be the first choice customers make, and outperform your competitors is another story. Your in-house marketing person can only do some of it. With Tanzlite, you will get all the skills for your online success from one team. For the price slightly similar to hiring a single marketing person, except that person cannot do it all. See our Services below:

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Bringing Customers to You

Tired of being promised good results but only getting disappointing ones? You may be feeling like there is no one to trust when it comes to digital marketing agencies. Enough with agencies talking a big game, here we give you what you have been looking for all this time. Growth. Authenticity. Authority. See the list of our services and let’s do business.


Here’s what we can do for you

Content Marketing

Make your brand memorable. Build trust and long term loyalty with Value Driven Content.

Social Media Marketing

Increase engagement, grow followers and reach thousands of customers on social media.

Web Design & Development

Launch your business with a stunning , SEO optimized webiste at affordabe cost.

Search Engine Optimization

Get noticed online. Make your site visible on search engine organic results. 

PPC Advertising

Create best performing campaigns to reach a bigger targeted audience.

Email Marketing

Turn website visitors into subscribers and engage them at a personal level.


Graphic Design

Make eye-catching visual creatives for your social media and increase engagement.

Brand Strategy Consulting

In a distarcted world, we help your brand to focus. Time to go beyond the logos and colors.

We have HELPED Many. Are You Next?

Here’s a list of SOME of the clients we have provided, or still providing service ranging from social media; content creation; web design, hosting, and maintenance; as well as consulting.

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