Want to Grow; Not Just Followers but Interests, Customers and Revenue?

Let’s take Social Media off your plate so you can focus on other demanding matters of your business. From content creation to posting and audience engagement, leave all that stuff to us and watch the results. Or fire us if you don’t see any results.

an illustration of a social media strategist


Most Followed Tanzanian Agency on LinkedIn

We have the success you want. Tanzlite is the most followed and engaging digital marketing agency on LinkedIn. Our founder, Mr. Shukuru is also the most followed Tanzanian marketing professional on LinkedIn, engaging an audience of over 35,300 people.

What You Will Get

Social Media Management

Keeping you present and active online. Posting 4x a week minimun; responding to comments and messages on your behalf.

Persuasive Content

Helping you start conversations and convert customers with the Power of Writing on Captions and Graphics.

Paid Advertising

Boost your brand reach with Ads that blend in, not intrude. Organic growth can be slow these days.

You Are Either Beloved, Or You’re Noise

The digital space has become noisy and crowded. It is no longer about going digital and make X number of posts. A crowd of brands is out there on social media, struggling to win people’s attention. Are going to stand out or add up to the noise?

Armed with talented writers, we come up with Persuasive and Engaging Words to build your brand recognition and Authority.


Approaching Things Differently

One thing you will rarely see from Tanzania’s marketers proposals is the question; what do they have for you the founder/CEO of a company? The deliverables for your company pages may be great but we both know that can only work so far. At Tanzlite, we’re implementing this math: Founder’s personal branding + brand/company marketing. We believe this equals to a killer digital strategy. Not to lay all eggs here, we have other uniques approaches for you.

Founder's personal branding

People needs a face. We will help you as a founder or CEO with an optimized profile and content strategy on LinkedIn or X.

Not posting the usual stuff

We will not post Happy Any Holiday.Unless you insist and explain how that helps your customer. And how it sets you apart.

Platform-based marketing

We intuitively understand each social media platform as users first. Not as marketers.

Get people interested, convinced and engaged with your brand