How Business Registration is Made Simple in Tanzania?

How Business Registration is Made Simple in Tanzania?

Are you a business owner or intending to start one in Tanzania? Know these digital tools that helps in complying your business legally.

And you don’t have to worry about hiring an experienced expert to undertake your business legal compliances such as business registration, applying for a license and payment of taxes.

You can do it yourself easily using your fingers just by clicking and filling legal business forms while your at home or own office. Every serious  business will not take this for granted as it reduces cost of operation.

Here are top 3 digital tools  to undertake for your smooth business operations


How to register your Business?  

Registering a business in Tanzania is made easy under BRELA ORS system where you can access free search for a registered business name or Incorporation, Access industrial Journals or ask for a technical support. 

To register a new business name, company or apply for a trade, service mark or changing particulars of your business name or incorporation first you need to create an account with a unique password. 

How to apply for a Business License?

This is self service in business done online and it is managed by President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government, where the portal facilitates taxpayers access all services such as acquiring licences, permits, land plots and other levies. 

The system preforms multiple functions such as Applying for different licences, renew or asking for licence termination. Note that, Tausi Portal is not applicable to all licences, some are issued under The Ministry of Industry and Trade

How to Manage Taxes?

The TRA- Taxpayer Portal makes easy for you to apply for TIN, update your business information and file your returns in a convenient way. 

After registering your business under BRELA system, your tax information will be directly accessed by TRA. To avoid unnecessary penalties issued by TRA you need to get it quick after receiving your business registration certificate ready to go for TIN number.

TBS Online Portal enables you to submit applications for destination inspection, PVoC, Premise registration, product registration and other online services.

Finally, What I have shared here comes from my personal experience of over 3 years of helping clients to register their businesses, Managing their taxes and other legal compliances for their businesses.

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