COVID 19 Response, here’s what we are doing to help small businesses in Tanzania

COVID 19 Response, here’s what we are doing to help small businesses in Tanzania

The COVID 19 pandemic has brought a new awakening to big and small businesses in Tanzania. It has been obvious now that undergoing digital transformation is the only way to keep your business going. 

In fact, businesses that did not have a digital presence of any kind are the ones losing the most during this pandemic.

And the reality is that things are not going to get back to normal! In fact, things were already beginning to change even before the pandemic.

Before Covid19, the digital landscape in Tanzania was already taking significant growth (over 26 million Tanzanians were using the internet by the end of 2019). So it is fair to say COVID 19 has brought the future early.

It was only a matter of time before businesses were forced to undergo digital transformations. 

Welcome to the new digital Darwinism: If you don’t adapt, you are left behind and forgotten.

There is a big need for businesses to rethink how they operate in the world that is increasingly becoming digital. Not to mention recurring uncertainties.

Undergoing significant digital transformations can help you stay relevant and connected with your customers.

By saying digital transformations for businesses we mean, among other things, having infrastructures such as being able to collaborate online (remote work), knowing the best tools to use, leveraging online platforms such as websites, and social channels to grow brand awareness, as well as staying abreast with current trends in the digital world.

The way forward here is to adapt – so that you won’t risk being run over by your competitor in the disruptive digital communication’s race.

So, what are we doing to help?

Knowing the challenges small businesses and entrepreneurs go through on the journey of taking their business online, we have decided to be part of the help. Here is what we are doing to offer help during this pandemic.

  • Content creation (that is customer-focused) and content promotion tactics to help establish themselves as thought leaders in their niche.
  • Using data to measure digital success
  • Providing resources such as content calendars, social media posting ideas, and other resources. This includes changing the focus of our blog articles into helping readers on how to grow their businesses in the digital world.
  • Creating websites at affordable prices everyone can manage (we know these are hard times financially) plus a dedicated SEO strategy to help startups get noticed on the web just like we did on our business. 

AND HERE’S A GIFT FOR YOU: Download our list of social media posting ideas that can help you to increase engagement on your social channels. We use these exact ideas for our clients and they have proved to boost engagement especially on Instagram and Facebook.

And the best part of all, we are open to giving a dedicated Digital Marketing consultation to small business owners. This includes giving our best secrets that helped put us on top of Google in less than six months.

Wouldn’t you want to jump in front of your customers right at the moment when they are looking for you? Feel free to contact us HERE.