What Do Modern Websites Need to Bring Results? 3 Things Are For Sure

What Do Modern Websites Need to Bring Results? 3 Things Are For Sure

A website is one of the best ways to take your business online. But most people don’t get desired results out of their websites because of obvious mistakes or failure to adapt to new changes.

The sobering reality is that static websites are dead! Today’s websites are not like static brochures filled with company information. The typical pages of Home, About, Service, and Contact — doesn’t help anymore. 

These types of websites don’t even rank on google. People can’t land on your site from a search query just to read your Values and Mission statement. There must be something more valuable than that.

In fact, you don’t need a website just for pride. It has to bring results. 

So what do modern websites really need?

Any website needs to perform either of the following three functions:

  1. To sell a product
  1. To promote a product or service
  1. To build a mailing list

To accomplish either of the above, a website needs to generate traffic. This, unfortunately, cannot be achieved with a static website filled with Mission, Vision, and Values statements. 

The following are the things modern websites need to bring results. Whether it is a personal blog, a corporate website, or a portfolio, these things are proven to bring desired results. 

1. Copywriting is just as important as the design

You may have the killer visual design with the right colors, font, animations and so, but if the content sounds like a Ph.D. thesis, you are only going to scare potential customers away. 

From attention-grabbing headlines to convincing benefit-based descriptions, and clear calls to action —you need to cut the corporate crap and write stuff that speaks to people and persuades them to take action. 

The language on your website should be easily understood and make the visitor feel welcome, not to make you look smart. It is more about understanding your customer and writes something that speaks to them.

You are reading this article because I wrote it in a language that doesn’t make you wish you had been more serious at school.

Do not be tempted to copy content from another website. That will be a first-degree mistake in the laws of SEO physics.

2. Modern websites need an active blog

Without traffic to your website, you are just as good as being offline. Unless you are paying for traffic, which will cost you a lot of money, you need to start writing articles on the blog section of your website. 

With some content marketing skills such as keyword research, content writing, and SEO, you can be able to promote your website on search engines and stand a chance of appearing to customers who are actively looking for your service. 

Are you a nonprofit that claims to have impacted thousands of people? Well, it is time to write those stories on your blog. After all, your good cause deserves to be shout out from rooftops, right?

Do you have happy customers using your product? Time to share their experience on your corporate website. These are the things a modern website needs. 

3. Modern websites need to convert

After you have done great copywriting and content marketing, you need to make sure people coming to visit your digital home are either converting into buying customers or fans of your brand.

Having people to visit your site is an opportunity to sell or gain supporters for your good cause. You can’t afford to have them and leave without performing a desired action. Which is why it is important to set conversion goals.

Things like signup forms, testimonials, live charts, landing pages, and sales funnels are proven to bring high conversion.

After you have the above things in place: (1) Copywriting (2) Content Marketing (3) Conversion Goals, you can now rest assured that your investment in a website is actually going to pay off. You can now confidently try out PPC advertising and see a return on your ad spend.

Key Takeaways for Web Designers

Web designing is such a creative and fun process. Nothing brings joy than having your own website out there on the web. 

But the online space is changing. We need to keep up.

Most of our clients don’t know much about these things. It is therefore our job as web designers and developers to step up the game and bring the best to our clients.

Here is a list of things that work on modern websites every web designer needs to be familiar with right now.

  • Learn Copywriting or ask your clients to write the content themselves. 
  • Learn to create membership websites.
  • Learn to create e-commerce websites.
  • Create a combination of a static website with a blog. It is usually there by default, it just needs some settings and design.
  • Help your clients to set Analytics so they can see what exactly is happening on their site and make data-driven adjustments

To Business Owners…

There are many ways to take your business online. But if you want to give your brand some serious attention, having your own business website is highly recommended.

At Tanzlite, we always try our best to create websites that actually bring leads.  If you still don’t have a website in 2020, we can help you get one at the price you can manage. Check our website service page and get in touch.

Give Your Business Extra Confidence With a Website [7 Reasons Why You Need It]

Give Your Business Extra Confidence With a Website [7 Reasons Why You Need It]

There are many ways to take your business online. It can be through email, social media, local business listings, mobile apps or through other people’s websites.

But if you want to give your brand serious attention, having your own business website is highly recommended.

A website is your office on the internet where potential customers can visit and learn more about you. It is not much different from the way you can rent a frame for your beauty salon at Kariakoo. The only difference is that your salon in Kariakoo is physical but a website is not. It is hosted on a server. We will talk more about what are websites and how they work on our next posts.

So why is a website important to you?

Whether you are looking to promote yourself as a brand or to sell products and services, a website can do all that. Most people use the internet to search for services or products. By having a website for your business, you stand great chances of being found by potential customers who are already looking for service or a product like yours.

A  website blends in with other marketing platforms

Nearly all social media platforms have space for you to add a link to your website. This is because social media bios don’t have enough space for you to display everything about your business. A website gives you enough space to showcase your company’s mission and vision statement, your team, long-form content, FAQs, customer’s testimony and portfolio of your works. This information can not be easily displayed on social media.

It acts as your office 

If you can’t afford paying for office rent, a website can be your office and everything can work perfectly well. For example, you can have your products at home and open an online store where people can buy and you deliver to them. With your website, potential customers can visit you online and get to learn more about you and even make purchases. The same as someone would visit you in a physical place.

It gives you credibility

Brands with a website tend to win more trust than those without. A website includes legal documentation such as privacy policy, cookie policy as well as terms and conditions. With features like a blog, you can showcase your expertise in your industry just like we are doing here. We use our blog section to create actionable content about digital marketing that in the long run will establish us as professionals and thought leaders in the industry.

Everyone expects you to have it

It is crazy not to have a website for your business, especially in the digital world we live in. Your prospects are accustomed to visiting their favorite brand’s websites. Why shouldn’t they expect the same from you? You need a website because it is a modern thing to do and everyone expects you to have it.

It is cost-effective

It is cheaper to have a website than printing hundreds of brochures that have no real-time engagement and cannot convert customers easily. Even worse, they can end up being tossed in trash. You can also use networking events to encourage people to visit your website or use a small amount of money to run sponsored ads that bring customers to your website. 

It offers a 24/7 Customer service and accessibility

A website is a great way to stay connected with your customers. Unlike physical offices where you have to close at certain times, a website is live twenty-four-seven to serve your visitors. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, you can use automation tools like chatbots to engage and strengthen relationships with your customers.

A chance to appear on Google Search Results

People are always searching on google. They for various things like clothes, health issues, locations, restaurants, food and more. With organic reach increasingly declining on platforms like Facebook, Search is a great opportunity for your business to appear in front of countless customers who are searching for a service like yours.

You still don’t have a website in 2020? We can help you get one at the price you can manage. Check our website service page to book now.