The Role of Social Media in Building a Successful Personal Brand

Written by Geraldina Komba

Content writer and Ghostwriter. I help founders build visibility for their brand and attract new clients through content writing. Follow me on LinkedIn.

Posted July 25, 2023

Are you a web designer and want to be the person people think of when they need a website? Or an Author? Do you provide sound advice on freelancing?

How can you make yourself known for what you’re good at and secure a corner of the digital economy?

The answer is building a personal brand on social media.

In a digital world where social media is part of our lives, successful personal branding is a result of how you present yourself to others, showcasing your skills, expertise, uniqueness, and knowledge in certain areas.

Let’s see the five roles played by social media in successfully building your personal brand.

  1. Amplifying visibility and reach

Social media gives you an audience of 4.9 billion people ready to see what you have. That’s what made it easy for Killy Paul to be seen by Indians and get recognized for his talent. Think about Shilole, who owns Shishi food. Social media has broken the gap in how and where people can see your skills, talents, and expertise.

  1. Content Creation and Curation
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Social media gives you the power to create content and present it to your targeted audience. Each social media platform may have preferred content formats, and that requires you to understand which types of content formats work best on each platform.

  1. Sharing Authenticity and Personal Storytelling

We have a lot of experiences in our daily lives that are good to share with others to relate to and learn from each other. Social media allows people to witness your progress from one step to another, thereby connecting and building trust with your audience. Think of Millard Ayo’s story on successful personal branding in the media industry.

  1. Unlock Networking and Connection Opportunities.

Looking to have a chat with like-minded people like your fellow engineers, doctors, or artists? Social media allows you to connect and interact with these people more easily than ever before. This opens a door to different opportunities, as Getrude Mligo proves on Instagram.

  1. Simplifies Engagement and Content Analytics.

How would you feel to have an engagement with a person you admire or look up to as a role model through social media? It makes you feel valued and connected, and it may be the start of building a meaningful relationship. These will help you gain a better understanding of your audience and make some informed decisions while making a content strategy that will help you build a successful personal brand.

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You have probably seen Joel Nanauka on Instagram, Edwin Francis Memirieki on LinkedIn, and Mafole Baraka on Twitter, each with a successful personal brand on different social media platforms.

It’s the same way you should successfully build your personal brand through your uniqueness, values, and specialty that can’t be found in someone else. That makes you memorable and recognizable for who you are. Don’t be left behind; you have everything it takes to build your own.


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