The Value Of Time In The Age Of Youth – College Students

Written by Anthony Charles

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Posted September 4, 2023

Young individuals has tremendous opportunities of trying many things before they turn 40s which could be better for them to discover their job early instead of succumbing finding jobs here and there, office to office while turing 40s.

The only opportunity you have is that you’re young. Take such an opportunity to learn new skills, and learn how to get things done.

It is during this time you have the chance to explore, grow, and seize opportunities that are readily available in the digital economy.

Be responsible for your age and use it as a backbone for learning new or improving your skills, positioning yourself in a way others simply cannot.

One of the most powerful aspects of youth which can not be backed is the ability to adapt and remain flexible in the rapidly changing job market coz the traditional path of obtaining a college degree may not always fit your needs.

Perception of the Current Market.

To tell a little, industries are placing emphasis on practical skills and experience rather than on those certificates. Employers look for those who can solve their problems (service providers), not job seekers and if it matters to you stop looking for a job and improve your skills instead.

Where we are heading, Employers might be employing freelancers whose job is already well known. 

If the skills you have don’t match the existing market, changing can be the solution.  See the conversation below.

So far, It’s now common to find a graduate eating on the same plate with the one who even doesn’t know how university looks like. The future of youth is threatening if you’re not prepared well.

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This means you have the opportunity to break free from the constraints of a narrowly defined career path dictated by college credentials.

Use That Free WI-FI Well.

Let’s say your College provides you with free Wi-Fi yet you’re using it only for downloading movies. Have you already secured your future job? If not, take that opportunity to learn skills which will not only help get employed but also get to employ yourself.

Remember, there are some people who struggle the most to get that time and that free WI-FI you’re playing with.

Make preparations before the sunsets, find fun in yourself, improve it, and taste the flavor of the digital economy and that’s the way of increasing your chances of entering in an industry you have never imagined.

Many successful professionals today are living proof that passion and determination is exciting over formal certifications.

You don’t get to the promised land without going through wilderness – Martin Luther King.

Do not underestimate the impact of small sacrifices and dedicated effort that can have on your future. It is no secret that success does not come without hard work and perseverance. By considering the equation of sacrifice plus effort equals great results, you empower yourself to reach new heights. 

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The determination to go the extra mile, to put in the extra hours, and to continually challenge yourself, will differentiate you from the crowd. Cut off challenges, push your boundaries, and remain focused on continuous growth. It’s sad to hear, you graduate while you don’t know even the meaning of freelancing. 

Gone are the days when success was solely determined by traditional qualifications obtained in college. The contemporary job market is changing at an unprecedented rate, opening doors to virtual opportunities in industries where certification may not be necessary. 

People of my tongue says “Mtu amesoma journalism halafu kazi anapewa chawa” which translates to “A person studied journalism and a job is given to a sycophantic person”. Think of it.

Loan Beneficiaries

Well, I am trying to get to the point, you are a loan beneficiary from the government known by its name “BOOM” use it well, invest in categories where it might help you after ending your studies.

The young generation holds a unique advantage which never come twice. You can break free from arbitrary limitations and forge your unique path to success by taking care of time and the available resource. 

Remember, it is through constant learning books, articles, courses, and other  related written or wise-spoken context and using skills gained to make things happen. Learning without putting into action is like pushing a wall which doesn’t move. 

Start early, fail early, and start again early.


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